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It's located 63km on the south coast of Crete.

It’s mainly a fishing/ farming community of about 100 permanent residents, who are friendly, kind-hearted and polite.

A destination for relaxing holiday, for visitors who prefer a less intense style of vacations, than what is offered by big towns and popular resorts and who want to relax under the sun. Ideal for family holidays, because all necessary facilities for accommodation, entertainment and food are in close proximity.

East and west of the port, there are two large sheltered bays, well protected from the seasonal winds, with a total length of 2km, which have lovely coarse sand and crystal clear water. img_1065
Swimming in Tsoutsouras is considered therapeutic by many Cretans because of the high concentration of salt and iodine. It is recommendable for those with musculoskeletal and orthopedic problems.
From Heraklion you take the road that goes to Knossos. You pass through the villages of Kounavi and Peza and reach the village of Arkalochori. From then on, you follow the signs to reach Tsoutsouros after the villages: Moussouta, Ano and Kato Poulia, Garipa, Ano Kasteliana and Kato Kasteliana. Indications here

The drive is quite interesting passing through vine yards and olive tree groves. As with most beaches on this side of the island, to reach Tsoutsouros the drive is slow once you start ascending and then descending the Asterousia mountains. Beware of the sharp turns and the narrow roads that lead to the beach. The route is impressive with spectacular views to the surrounding mountains and the imposing peak of Kofinas.

Tsoutsouros is also accessible from Ierapetra, Arvi, Keratokampos, Dermatos from a coastal road in good condition.



Heraclion Airport “Kazantzakis”
Nea Alikarnasos 71601, Crete Greece
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