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Rethymnon city is situated 58 km from the town of Chania and 78 km from the city of Heraklion. It’s the capital of the prefecture of Rethymnon with small but interesting morphological changes such as imposing gorges, caves, lush valleys and small rivers and traditional villages like live postcards, which are pervaded by the aroma of Cretan cuisine and the sound of the Cretan lyre. 

The central part of the town of Rethymnon is built on the cape of the northern shore of the prefecture. What is amazing in Retyimnon is the breathtaking sight of an endless sandy beach that meets on one side the blue see and on the other the enchanting view of the city. The beach with fine-grained brilliant light brown sand is 12 km long, it starts from the historical city center and extends to the Eastern part of the isle reaching Scaleta. You can simply walk down the beach and sample from the many beach side taverns. Apart from the long beach, Rethymnon is decorated with renaissance colors and inhabited by people known for their hospitality, honoring their ancestors and traditions. Almost blessed with beauty...

Admire the aristocratic architecture in the old center of town that reflects this history, with many buildings dating from the 16th century.

Do not miss:

  • Fortezza. This fortress overlooking the old town is the primary remnant of the Venetian occupation of Crete in the 16th century. Visitors can enter and explore the entire area within its massive walls and the many buildings within, with great views of the town, mountains, and shore from inside.
  • Venetian harbor; another notable remnant of the Rethymno's Venetian period with its beautiful lighthouse and many quiet taverns from which to watch the boats.
  • Rimondi Fountain, a remnant of the Venetian period, will be found.
  • Neratzes mosque with its towering minaret. The mosque with its impressive dome was the Church of Santa Maria during Venetian times and belonged to the Augustine monastery, The Folklore and the Archeological Museums of Rethymnon.
  • the neoclassical building of the Prefecture.

Walk on the the picturesque alleys where the blacksmiths and saddlers had their workshops in earlier times and take photos of the neatly kept houses with flowers and enclosed yards.
One thing is certain: ”Rethymnon is not a place where you go to, but a place where you return.”

Welcome to the city of Rethymnon.

Read more about Rethymnon in: www.rethymnon.gr  and www.rethymno.gr 

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