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Friday, 07 February 2020 16:17


Your healh comes first!

our covid-19 measures

It is very important for us that you feel safe, that you are safe and that we all get through this strange time together.


What to do for your and our protection:


Your rental car is first treated with ozone. Ozone kills all bacteria from ventilation and upholstery 100%.

We also use a damper for the materials.

Of course, all plastic parts in the interior are cleaned with a disinfectant tested for Covid-19.

After the car has been brought to the airport, we disinfect it again before handing it over and you can start your vacation with confidence.

Our employees are also equipped with face masks to ensure optimal protection.

If you have any questions about car cleaning, please send us an email.



Heraclion Airport “Kazantzakis”
Nea Alikarnasos 71601, Crete Greece
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