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Welcome to Lasithi,

The easternmost region of Crete, which boasts a magnificent countryside, invites you to discover it all year round.  The plateau of Lasithi is one of the most fertile valleys in Greece and is surrounded by the wild mountains of Dikti. Just rent a vehicle of any category and drive there.  You will have the opportunity to drive around picturesque mountainous villages and experience the traditional Cretan way of life, taste local dishes, listen to the sound of Cretan lyre and participate in traditional Cretan celebrations. It’s true that people living there keep their authentic character despite the tourist development. Most tourists are curious to drive to the plateau for one specific reason: see the white-cloth-sailed windmills which were water- and flour mills in the past. Now they are plateau’s trademark. Although they don’t operate anymore many of them are under restoration and it’s worth seeing them closely.

The region of Lasithi is also filled with magnificent long sandy beaches with exotic waters that can be found all around the coastline. Busy coastal resorts, intriguing small villages, notable monasteries, sparkling bays, archeological sites and palm forested beaches are all awaiting for you to discover them.

Should you decide to rent a vehicle from thebestcars.gr and drive around this region do not miss: 

  • Elounda, the famous cosmopolitan resort
  • The island of Spinalonga, the former leper colony
  • Neapoli, 15km northwest of Agios Nikolaos; a small town with well-preserved neoclassical buildings that lies on a green valley full of olive trees.
  • Sitia, a busy port of the northeastern Crete
  • Vai, the only palm forest in Europe
  • Ierapetra, the largest city in Lasithi and the southernmost and  sunniest in Europe
  • Chrisi island with its golden beaches
  • The Cave of Psichro and of course Agios Nikolaos
The Southernmost City of Europe, facing the Libyan Sea. It is the largest city in Lasithi region and the sunniest city in Europe; Ierapetra enjoys the smoothest, almost rainless weather in Europe, and the most hours of sunshine with a temperature that rarely drops below 12 C all year long!…



Heraclion Airport “Kazantzakis”
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