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The Asterousia mountain range

The Asterousia mountain range 

The Best proposes you to spend few days of your holiday in this amazing area that boasts only natural beauties. Asterousia range consists of various low mountains and hills, spreading from Cape Lithino to Tsoutsouras beach.  

Imposing and wild mountains, small yet precipitous gorges, secluded magnificent beaches with perfectly clear waters, the charming Libyan Sea, unique monasteries and traditional villages; everything is here. It should be noted, though, that the roads which climb up the slopes of the mountain range usually twist and turn, and in some cases they are not paved.  Many of these roads are just dirt tracks. However this also has a positive effect; most of this coast is still a virgin place without the results of over-development that exists in the resorts of the northern coast.

Moni Odigitrias

a monastery of great importance and historical value.

Martsalo gorge

2km long and easy to cross, ending at Martsalo beach.


Agiofarago is located around 80 km south of Heraklion. The gorge starts 3 km past Odigitria Monastery and ends at a beautiful beach. It is one of the most spectacular beaches of Heraklion Prefecture and it is definitely worth a visit: it is located at the exit of the gorge carrying the same name, surrounded by imposing cliffs, has small pebbles, sand and crystal emerald green waters.

In order to get to this beautiful beach you will have to walk through the gorge -an experience not to be missed: vertical cliffs, caves and the small church of Agios Antonios (St. Anthony) where you will find a well with potable water - just a couple of hundred meters before you reach the beach. When you get to the monastery you will see the truck road leading to Agiofarago. Follow the truck road for about 6 km (drive carefully). Leave your car at the end of the truck road (there is space). From that point it will take you 20-30 minutes to walk to the beach through the gorge.

Kali Limenes (Good Ports)

Located 75km southwest of Heraklion, it is the largest seaside village in Asterousia Mountains. It is one of the very few coastal areas of Asterousia, where you can get through asphalt road


The name of Lentas possibly derives from the Greek word Λέοντας (in English, "lion"). It refers to the lion shaped cape that makes the small protected bay of Lentas. This cape is documented in medieval maps as Cape Liontas


A small gorge 10km from Lenta, which ends at the beach of Tripiti. A quiet beach with fine pebbles and clean, dark green waters. The contradiction between the peaceful scenery on the beach and the wild mountainous landscape around is breathtaking.

 Moni (monastery) Koudouma

It is a unique opportunity to visit a secluded and virgin area of Crete.

Tris eklisies

At Foothills of Asterousion mountains, tris eklisies or the three churches, is an area that combines beautiful beaches and a wild gorge, gorge Abas.


The village itself is a rare chance to see how old Cretan villages were.



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